The Story of King Harbor

King Harbor
King Harbor Seagull
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     King Harbor, nestled in the heart of sunny Redondo Beach, California, is a bustling marina buzzing with boats, restaurants, and the salty scent of the Pacific Ocean. But beneath its modern facade lies a fascinating history, one of ambition, struggle, and the unwavering spirit of a community. This is a dive into the story of how King Harbor came to be, and how its name pays homage to a champion who helped usher in its golden age.

Dreams of a Safe Haven

The seeds of King Harbor were sown as early as 1917. Redondo Beach, with its picturesque coastline, lacked a protected harbor. Boats were at the mercy of the elements, hindering the city’s maritime ambitions. Visionaries like Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. dreamed of a breakwater, a shield against the waves. However, progress was slow, marked by failed attempts and funding woes.

Enter Congressman Cecil R. King

Cecil King
Cecil King

In 1956, a beacon of hope arrived in the form of Congressman Cecil R. King. Recognizing the potential of a secured harbor, he championed the cause in Washington D.C., securing crucial federal funding for the breakwater project. It was a turning point, galvanizing the community and propelling the endeavor forward.

Construction on the breakwater began in 1958, facing its own set of challenges. Years of dredging were needed to clear the harbor basin, battling through mud and environmental concerns. But persistence prevailed, and by 1966, the breakwater stood tall, a testament to the collective effort.

King Harbor is Born

On November 19, 1966, King Harbor was officially dedicated. Named in honor of Congressman King, the harbor stands as a lasting tribute to his dedication. King Harbor has blossomed into a thriving hub, its sheltered waters a haven for boaters, fishermen, and recreational enthusiasts.

A Legacy of Adventure

Today, King Harbor is a vibrant tapestry of cafes, shops, charter boats, and glistening yachts. For charters and open party boat anglers, Redondo Sportfishing is the place to be!

Redondo SportfishingThe King Harbor Yacht Club, boasting a rich history itself, continues to foster the sailing spirit. Tourists and locals alike flock to experience the charm of the harbor, soaking in the sun and the salty breeze.

King Harbor Seagull
King Harbor Seagull

So, the next time you find yourself strolling along the King Harbor Marina, remember the legacy of Cecil R. King and the generations who fought to create this oasis of adventure and serenity.

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