Destination: Punta Colonet

Cabo Colonet
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From Sleepy Town to Mega-Port Dream?

Punta Colonet is located on Baja California’s Pacific coast approximately 65 miles south of Ensenada and 115 miles from the International border. 


Colonet is often the destination of spring 1.5 day trips originating from San Diego, targeting yellowtail, lingcod, and other assorted rockfish.  The primary fishing location is actually a high spot approximately 10 miles offshore.

Colonet Nautical Chart

But this quiet stretch of coast could witness a dramatic transformation.  Colonet’s remote location has found itself at the center of a grand vision in the form of a mega-port proposal, rivaling giants like Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Before diving into the future, let’s explore the origins of its intriguing name and delve into the proposed mega-port project.

The Story Behind the Name:

Punta Colonet’s name carries a historical whisper. It’s believed to be derived from Captain James Colnett, a British explorer who charted the region in the late 18th century. His exploration efforts etched his name onto the map, forever linking him to this picturesque location.

Poblado Colonet

The Mega-Port Proposition:

The idea of a mega-port in Punta Colonet emerged in the early 2000s. Envisioned as a multibillion-dollar project just 220 miles south from the largest port complex in the United States at Long Beach and San Pedro (one of the busiest port areas in the world), it aimed to capitalize on the town’s strategic location near major trade routes. The ambitious plan involved:

  • Massive infrastructure development: Creating a deep-water port capable of handling the largest cargo ships.
  • Improved logistics: Building extensive rail and road networks to connect the port to major consumer markets in the United States.
  • Economic boom: Generating significant job opportunities and economic growth for the region.

The Road Not Yet Taken:

Despite initial enthusiasm, the project has faced numerous challenges. Environmental concerns, logistical complexities, governmental leadership changes and shifting economic priorities have stalled its progress. As of early 2024, the mega-port remains a proposal, reportedly still in the “development stages.”  That leaves Punta Colonet in a state of suspended animation.

The Future Unfolds:

The fate of the Punta Colonet mega-port project remains uncertain. While some believe it holds the key to unlocking economic prosperity, others raise concerns about its environmental impact and potential disruption to the town’s unique character. How would construction of a new port impact the sportfishing potential of the area?  Probably not much, considering the prime locations are located well offshore.

The Conversation Continues:

The story of Punta Colonet is one of potential and uncertainty. Whether it transforms into a bustling mega-port or retains its laid-back charm, the town’s future promises to be a fascinating chapter in its ongoing narrative.

What are your thoughts on the proposed mega-port project? Share your views in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going!

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