Meteorologist Chris Dunn is the Fishing Weatherman. He is an award winning television broadcaster with 30+ years of on-air experience.  He also has on the water experience, fishing the waters off Southern California since the early 1980s.

Chris Dunn

In 1984, Chris got his first job as a deckhand on the Pescador (now Islander) running 1/2 day trips out of Queen’s Wharf Sportfishing in Long Beach.  After stints on a few other boats around Long Beach and San Pedro, he made the trip down south to work a few of the big boats in San Diego.

1985 was the first year the Spirit of Adventure ran long range/multi-day fishing trips and he was part of the crew for that inaugural season.  He also spent time working the deck of the Red Rooster III in 1986.

Chris was one of the first television meteorologists in the country to achieve the prestigious Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation from the American Meteorological Society in 2005.

Most recently, his career has shifted into the world of aviation (The Flying Weatherman).  He is a commercial pilot and FAA certified flight instructor.

You can also listen to some of his work in the world of voiceovers at Pacifica Voiceworks.


  1. Is this el nino or something else that keeps pacific ocean moisture off the coast of California and creates the drought?
    It looks like a barrier on the coast has been artificially created starving California of moisture

    • Wesley- Long-term weather patterns (naturally occurring) sometimes set up that will result in an extended period of wet, dry, cold or hot weather. In the case of the U.S. west coast, the long-term pattern in place has favored a drier-than-average stretch of weather when compared with recent trends, such as the 30-year averages. If anything, with warmer than normal sea surface temperatures the past 7 or 8 years off the coast of Southern California, MORE moisture is contained in the air. It’s just the process of getting that moisture (water vapor) out of the air and into the form of rain (condensation, cyclogenesis, etc) that is being hampered.

  2. hi guy!
    its been a couple of years since WE talked ……glad to see you are still around….whats your input on what the best time this fall or early winter would be the best time to go on a longrange trip for 6-10 days out of SD

    • Hi Harry. October-November is the prime time for 6-10 day long range trips out of SD most years. Wahoo fishing is highly dependent on amount of boat traffic down at the lower banks and the rocks.

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