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Getting Wet at Colonet

Read more: Getting Wet at Colonet

     Not even some rain could cool off the red hot bite on a late January 2.5 trip aboard the Eclipse out of Seaforth Sportfishing.

     It seems the outstanding fishing year we had off Southern California and Baja in 2014 has now spilled over into 2015, and there are no signs it's going to let up...as the coast is "corroded with yellowtail."

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The 2015 El Nino Factor

Read more: The 2015 El Nino Factor

     In January 2015 I received an inquiry regarding the incredible warm water year we experienced in 2014, why it wasn't a true El Nino and if El Nino is still developing, what might that mean for our fishery in 2015? Here are my thoughts...

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Epic Escapade on the Eclipse

Read more: Epic Escapade on the Eclipse

     Sometimes the weather and the fishing join forces to create an opportunity too strong to resist.  Boy am I glad I was able to take advantage of THIS opportunity...as I saw a weather opening to try for some very late-season tuna...and the opportunity to go for it on the Eclipse out of Seaforth Sportfishing in San Diego, over Thanksgiving weekend 2014!


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Spirit of Adventure 2014 5-Day Trip

Read more: Spirit of Adventure 2014 5-Day Trip

All week long I had been following the progress of hurricane Norbert off the southern Baja coast. At one point it was a major category 3 hurricane with winds near the center (between Magdalena Bay and Alijos Rocks) estimated at 115 mph! Would the eventual path of that storm completely change the game plan for this trip?

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The Two Great West Coast Hurricane Myths

Read more: The Two Great West Coast Hurricane Myths


     It’s an annual cycle: The first few tropical systems of the eastern Pacific season form off mainland Mexico and typically either sweep westward towards the Revillagigedo Islands or inundate the mainland coast and quickly dissipate.

     The May and June long range sportfishing trips that venture down to the far southern fishing grounds tempt fate with captains watching the weather very closely. Some years prove uneventful, but others are a little more active.

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2014 El Nino Update

Read more: 2014 El Nino Update

     OK, so yellowfin and bluefin tuna caught on the Eclipse within 1.5 day range of San Diego.  IN THE MONTH OF MAY?  Well, it MUST be El Nino, right?  I mean, who's ever heard of this happening before?  It wasn't just a stray fish, either.


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El Nino 2014?

Read more: El Nino 2014?
     That opah that showed up recently in SD bay was pretty bizarre.  Sailfish, wahoo and dorado reported off Cerralvo through the winter?  Impressive.
     Does this mean El Nino is coming to an ocean near you?  No.  At least, not yet.

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Spirit of Adventure 6-Day Trip

Read more: Spirit of Adventure 6-Day Trip

The Fishing Weatherman returns to the Spirit of Adventure

September 14-20, 2013

     One of the last entries in my logbook from my days as a deckhand was from a June 7-day trip on the Spirit of Adventure, when we fished yellowtail from the south end of Cedros Island to Isla Natividad.  Coincidentally, that would be our destination on this 6-day trip...and the first time back on the Spirit since that summer, 23 years ago.

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Epic Bluefin Bite

Read more: Epic Bluefin Bite
  •      John Ray Leary took a recent 5-day trip on the Vagabond, hoping to get in on the great bluefin fishing and one of those "weather windows" that have opened up from time to time between bouts of wind offshore.  I gave him an idea of what to expect from the weather, and it sure looks like it worked out...


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