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Name That Fish!

Read more: Name That Fish!

I have a new feature I will bring around from time to time here on the Fishing Weatherman website.  It's called:  Name That Fish!  The first entry is not common to Southern California waters.  In fact, I caught it when I was living in Miami, Florida.

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The View From Above

Read more: The View From Above

    I know this is the FISHING weatherman website, but did you see this spectacular photo of a thunderstorm just north of Las Vegas?  There is more to the story than just a really cool picture.

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Half Day Fishing - East Coast Style

Read more: Half Day Fishing - East Coast Style

     Summer vacation this year found me taking my family over to the “other coast” and the beaches of North Carolina. Since the words “coast” and “beach” were involved, I knew it couldn’t be a bad thing,

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Forecast for Fishing?

Read more: Forecast for Fishing?

   The Southern California summer surface fishing season is underway and many of us are watching the weather, specifically the wind and seas, to see if we should stay close to home or if we’ll be able to make a longer run to the offshore banks. But is there another weather angle we should be paying attention to?

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Slip, Slop, Slap

Read more: Slip, Slop, Slap

     The summer season is here.  For many of us that means even more time on the water under a more intense sun. Is there any way to prepare for it?

    Some people believe that developing a “base tan” before the summer will prevent them from burning later. Others believe a tan is the sign of good health and vitality.

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Do You Know Catalina Eddy?

       Call it the “Gray of May” or “June Gloom,” this is the time of year we see the ocean’s influence on our coastal weather take a front row seat. The haze-clearing, dry Santa Ana winds fade away as Pacific storms become weaker and fewer.

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Knots to Know

Read more: Knots to Know

     In the early days of my fishing career, attaching a hook at the end of my line usually involved a series of overhand knots to the point that the well-developed knuckle of monofilament would not slip under any circumstances.  Fishing for small bluegill and catfish didn’t require a stealthy connection or the full strength of my 10 lb. test line.

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Return to the Red Rooster III

  Read more: Return to the Red Rooster III In 1986, I worked as a deckhand on the Red Rooster III.  Now, 26 years later (gulp) I would be a regular old passenger on the big bird, this time enjoying the ride and actually getting a chance to fish on the boat!    

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Shogun Spring 5-Day Trip

     Day 1- After driving all night from Phoenix, I arrived at the Fisherman’s Landing parking lot at 4:45am, only to find the lot completely FULL! Well, it was a Saturday. Fortunately I was told about the “other” pay lot across N. Harbor Drive and found a place to park the car for the next 5 days without fear of it being towed away. 

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