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Jumbo Local Bluefin Tuna!

     So, it seems the bluefin tuna never really left our coastal waters all winter and spring...and now the BIG boys are coming out to play!  Here is the story of one local angler's fish of a lifetime...
By Tim Smith-
     Short story is I went out with my fishing buddy Larry Hartman on his boat the Discovery with two other guys, Paul and Chris.

     A few miles shy of the 181 bank, Captain Larry finds a few kelp paddies that are holding yellowtail. We land five of them in the 25 pound class range.
     As we are attempting to approach our third kelp patty we see what we think are common dolphin jumping in front of us...so we throw out a couple lines on the kelp.
     It ends up being a large school of jumbo bluefin tuna between 100-200 pound class fish blowing up next to the boat !!!!!!
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     We hook 2 of them on our yellowtail rigs and I was lucky enough to land my tuna on 50 pound test line with a trinidad 16A. Shimano reel after 1 hour and 28 minutes I'm battling this gorgeous Bluefin. .it came to gaff..YAHOOOOOOO
     The other fish after 4 hours broke off at the boat deep color.
It was a fish of a lifetime for me a personal best.
Thanks again!  -Tim
*Back at the dock, Tim's fish weighed in at 125 lbs.
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