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Ocean Odyssey



The View From Above


Vegas Storm From Above


     First of all, credit where credit is due.  The picture was taken by Eddie Bollmeier, captain of an Airbus A320, while flying enroute to Spokane, Washington at nearly 40,000 feet.


    While commercial aircraft often fly through clouds and rain, thunderstorms often pose quite the hazard to aviation. 


     "We chose to pass on the west side (left side) of it as the wind was left to right at about 40+ kts and the upwind side is usually the smoother ride," said Bollmeier.


     "Passing on the downwind side is not unlike crossing the wake of a boat on skis, quite turbulent," he added.


     From his view from the cockpit, Bollmeier caught the cloud lit up by lightning with the last glow of daylight still showing in the western sky.





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