Good Luck and Be Safe!

     Chris Dunn is currently the Chief Meteorologist at WPMI-TV, the NBC affiliate in Mobile, AL-Pensacola, FL.

    He has 30 years of on-air experience in both radio and television and has been awarded 6 regional Emmy awards and 3 Associated Press awards for best weathercast. 

     His professional television career has taken him from California to Fort Myers and Miami Florida, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Denver, Phoenix and now Mobile, Alabama.

     Ever since that first 1/2 day trip on the "Queen of the Sea" out of Queen's Wharf Sportfishing in his hometown of Long Beach, Chris was hooked on fishing in the ocean.

           He could be seen plucking calico bass, barracuda and bonito out of Southern California waters throughout the early 1980s. 

That led him to getting a job as a deckhand on sportboats out of Long Beach, San Pedro and eventually San Diego.

   In the mid 1980s Chris worked for several years aboard sportfishing boats in the famed San Diego long range fleet. 

     One final summer was spent on the Spirit of Adventure in 1990 before finishing up college in Northern California.